What isAndroid for Work

Android for Work is an IT program available on mobile devices running the Google Android mobile operating system. The program enables IT to manage and protect business applications via a customized profile for workplaces.

What is Android for Work?

Android for Work is a programme developed by Google for companies to manage and secure business-related apps on their employees’ Android devices. It offers a customised profile that keeps personal and work data separate from each other, thus ensuring security and privacy for both the employer and the employee.

How does Android for Work work?

Android for Work allows businesses to create a separate, managed profile on their employees’ Android devices. This profile is isolated from the employees’ personal data and applications, meaning that work-related data can be handled and safeguarded differently. This separation also allows companies to wipe or restrict access to their business apps and data without affecting the employees’ personal information.

What are the benefits of using Android for Work?

Android for Work offers several advantages to businesses, including:

– Increased security: The programme separates personal and work data, offering better security for both the employer and the employee.
– Easier device deployment: Companies can use Android for Work to distribute devices and manage their settings, software, and applications for each employee.
– Simplified app management: Android for Work allows the employer to oversee the apps and data used by their workforce, making it easier to ensure compliance and security.
– Better productivity: Employees can use their own Android devices for work, minimising the learning curve and costs associated with using new company devices.

How can businesses start using Android for Work?

Businesses can start using Android for Work by signing up for the programme through their device management solution, which may include Mobile Device Management (MDM) software or Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions. Once enrolled, administrators can create a separate profile for each employee, configure settings, and deploy custom apps and policies.

Is Android for Work available for all Android devices?

Android for Work is available on devices running Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher, which includes most modern Android devices. However, older devices or those running customised Android versions may not support Android for Work’s features. Businesses should check their devices’ specifications and compatibility before enrolling them in the programme.

What kind of apps can companies manage with Android for Work?

Android for Work can manage all apps that target the work profile, which means any recorded data or user interaction with that app will be stored within the work profile, rather than in the device’s default profile. This includes many Google apps, such as Gmail, Drive, and Google Play, as well as third-party apps designed for business use. Businesses can add default or approved apps to the device’s work profile, and control or remove access to external apps as necessary. Collectively, Android for Work provides an excellent resource for companies to manage their mobile devices and maintain security as employees work remote, ensuring that personal and work-related data stays secure.

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