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Managed Apple IDs are integrated with User Enrollment to create a user identity on a device. The user must authenticate to complete the enrollment process. The personal Apple ID and the Managed Apple ID can be used together, but they do not communicate with each other.

Managed Apple IDs: Enhancing Security and User Management on iOS Devices


Apple’s mobile devices have become a staple in many corporate environments, thanks to their user-friendly interfaces and powerful features. However, as businesses embrace mobile devices, IT administrators must ensure that they can manage and secure all the devices effectively.

One of the ways that Apple addresses this challenge is by introducing Managed Apple IDs, which are part of the Apple Business Manager platform. This article explains the basics of Managed Apple IDs, including how they work and the benefits they offer for businesses.

What are Managed Apple IDs?

Managed Apple IDs are Apple IDs that are created and managed by organizations. These IDs are separate from personal Apple IDs that users may use to access their own personal information and services. Managed Apple IDs allow organizations to assign an identity to a user’s device that associates them with the organization and allows IT administrators to manage the user and the device.

When a user gets a Managed Apple ID, they can use it to access company resources, such as apps purchased and distributed by the organization. Organizations can also use Managed Apple IDs to apply Single Sign-On (SSO) to connected apps.

How do Managed Apple IDs Work?

Managed Apple IDs are integrated with User Enrollment, which is a feature that ensures personal and corporate data are kept separate on the device. User Enrollment creates a secure container that separates corporate data and apps from personal data and apps.

To finish enrollment, the user must successfully authenticate. The personal Apple ID that the user has already signed in with can be used alongside the Managed Apple ID; they don’t communicate with one another. This allows the user to continue accessing their own personal content, while also gaining access to the organization’s resources.

IT admins can manage these IDs using Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager, both of which allow them to control what the user has access to, giving them granular control over company resources.

What are the Benefits of Managed Apple IDs?

Managed Apple IDs offer several benefits for organizations seeking to secure and manage iOS devices. Here are a few:

Enhanced Security

Managed Apple IDs provide a secure way for organizations to manage and control access to company resources. By separating personal data from corporate data and apps, User Enrollment ensures that any data breaches only affect one container. This level of control reduces the risk of theft or data loss if an employee loses their device.

Increased User Management

Managed Apple IDs not only allow IT admins to manage company resources, but it also lets them manage users. They can control what resources users have access to, lock devices, and wipe device data if necessary.

Streamlined Deployment

Managed Apple IDs can be automatically assigned to users during the enrollment process, making it easy for IT admins to manage users at scale. This makes the deployment process smoother, allowing IT teams to focus on their other responsibilities.

The inference

In today’s mobile-first environment, Managed Apple IDs provide a simple and effective way for businesses to control and secure their iOS devices. By separating personal and corporate data on devices, Managed Apple IDs help ensure that businesses can protect their resources from theft, data breaches, and other security threats. With Managed Apple IDs, IT admins can automate the process of device management and user management, providing a seamless experience for both end-users and IT teams.

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