What isApple Volume Purchase Program (Apple VPP)

The Volume Purchase Program (VPP) allows businesses to easily obtain, distribute, and manage apps and books in bulk for their workforce’s iPhone, iPad, or Mac. There are flexible and secure distribution options available, ensuring that the content is easily accessible and ready for work.

FAQs about Apple’s Volume Purchase Program

Organisations can take advantage of Apple’s Volume Purchase Program (VPP) to acquire, distribute and manage apps and books effectively. Flexible and secure distribution options help you provide quality content that is ready for work regardless of the equipment your workforce uses, whether it’s an iPhone, iPad or Mac. Here are some frequently asked questions about the program:

What is the Volume Purchase Program?

The Volume Purchase Program is a programme created by Apple that allows business and educational bodies to purchase and distribute multiple copies of an app or book easily. This programme provides a centralised management that allows the administrators to purchase, manage and distribute books and applications to individual users or groups effortlessly. Also, it offers a great range of bulk discounts to the company.

What are the advantages of the VPP?

The advantages of the Volume Purchase Program include:

  • Centralised purchasing and management for ease of distribution and usage
  • Bulk discounts for large purchases
  • Seamless distribution across multiple iOS devices with a single purchase code
  • Avoidance of traditional licensing agreements
  • Compatibility with international app stores

Who can participate in the VPP?

The Volume Purchase Program is open to educational institutions and businesses worldwide.

How do I enroll in the VPP?

To join the VPP, an organisation must register for the program through the Apple deployment programs website. Once registered, administrators can then invite users to join the program, assign app and book licences, and manage distribution.

Can I use the VPP for custom business apps?

Yes, you can use the Volume Purchase Program for custom business apps. Apple has introduced the Apple Developer Enterprise Program, which allows companies to create proprietary apps and reduce administrative headaches. Companies can also distribute apps outside the Apple App Store with the Apple Developer Enterprise Program.

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The Volume Purchase Program provides an excellent solution for businesses and educational institutions to manage their apps and book purchases. By offering a centralised and secure distribution system, organisations can streamline their procurement process and ensure that apps are accessible to all employees regardless of their device. The VPP also provides substantial bulk discounts to drive down costs, helping organisations maximise their budgets. With the Volume Purchase Program, companies can improve efficiency, productivity, and collaboration.

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