What isASCII art

ASCII art is a form of graphic design that uses letters, numbers, and symbols found in the ASCII standard to create images and designs. This technique can be used to make everything from simple shapes and logos to complex portraits and landscapes.

ASCII art was popularized in the early days of computing when printers lacked the ability to print graphics. It was used to create visual designs and banners by using symbols to fill spaces on the page. ASCII art is still relevant today and can be created using any text editor. It is often used in email, online pages, and documents, and can be used almost anywhere that allows text entry.

ASCII art is also known as text art, ANSI art, or word art. It is often created using a fixed-width font such as Courier, which allows the symbols to align correctly. The intricate designs of ASCII art accurately translate famous people, landscapes, and objects into ASCII.

Overall, ASCII art is a unique and creative way to express emotions and to add a touch of humor or lightness to a communication or document.


What characters are used in ASCII art?

The 95 printable characters defined in the ASCII standard are used in ASCII art. These include letters, numbers, and symbols such as !, @, #, $, %, ^, &, *, (, ), -, _, +, =, {, }, [, ], |, , :, ;, “, ‘, <, >, ,, ., ?, /, and space.

Where is ASCII art used?

ASCII art can be found almost anywhere that allows text entry, such as emails, online pages, and documents. It is often used to create unique designs and add a touch of creativity to any communication or document.

What font is used for ASCII art?

A fixed-width font like Courier is used for ASCII art. This is necessary to ensure that the symbols align correctly and the design maintains its intended shape.


ASCII art is a timeless and unique form of graphic design that uses letters, numbers, and symbols to create intricate and humorous designs. Its popularity extends beyond the early days of computing and remains relevant today in various forms of communication and documents.

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