What isASX file

If you frequently use Windows Media Player for playing digital media files, you must have come across ASX files that end with the .ASX file extension. Technically, it’s not a multimedia file, but it provides data about it. The ASX file format is used to create a playlist of multiple Windows Media files for a particular media presentation.

What is an ASX file?

An ASX file is an Advanced Stream Redirector file type that is used to give Windows Media Player metadata about media files that are listed in the ASX files. ASX playlists provide data about the particular media file stream to which they’re connected. They often include the location of the relevant file and the expected presentation of particular media.

How does it work?

ASX files provide a shortcut to the related media file, enabling the media player to display it within the ASX playlist. In other words, it informs the media player about how to present the associated multimedia file. These files include XML markup language code that is entirely in text format and describes the playlist of several Windows Media files for a particular media presentation.

How to open an ASX file?

You can open an ASX file with audio-playing software programmes like VLC media player. But since it’s an XML-based markup file, you can also open it with a text editor to read the playlist information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What’s the primary use of an ASX file?

The ASX file extension is primarily used to create a multimedia presentation playlist in Windows Media Player and provide the media player with metadata about multimedia files.

What kind of information do ASX files include?

ASX files typically include information about multimedia file location, intended presentation of specific material, and reference to the media file stream.

Can I open an ASX file without Windows Media Player?

Yes, you can open an ASX file with any audio-playing software like VLC media player.


An ASX file is a type of file that Windows Media Player uses to create multimedia playlists and provide metadata about multimedia files. By using ASX files, you can easily organise your multimedia files and create multimedia presentations in Windows Media Player.

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