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An email attachment is a file that can be sent along with email messages. This allows users to send and save files to their devices. For example, a PDF document can be sent as an email attachment to enable the recipient to easily view and print the content. This article provides an easy-to-follow guide on how to attach files to email messages.

Attaching Files to Email Messages:

File attachments are a very common way of sending files to someone. To send an attachment, simply specify the list of files in the Attachments section of the Send Email node. You will need to define the file name, content, and media type of the attachment as the data structure.

If you are using Gmail drafts as email templates, attachments can be added to the draft message itself. All files attached to the draft will be automatically sent to all recipients of the form letter. This approach is recommended if files need to be sent to all recipients of the campaign.

If you prefer to send files directly from your computer as attachments, choose ‘Select Files from Computer’ from the add file attachments menu. You can then upload one or more files from your computer to the mail merge sheet. Internally, the files will be uploaded to your Google Drive, and the file links will be added to your Google Sheets.


What types of files can be attached to emails?

Most file types can be attached to emails, such as PDFs, Word documents, images, and audio files. However, some email providers may restrict the types of files that can be attached, mainly for security reasons.

Is there a size limit for attachments?

Yes, there is a limit on the size of attachments that can be sent with email messages. This is usually around 10-25MB, but may vary between different email providers. If you need to send larger files, consider using a file-sharing service.


Email attachments are a simple and convenient way to send files to others. By following these easy steps, you can attach files to email messages without any hassle.

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