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If you’re tired of waiting for your Windows computer to log on every time you start it up, you might want to consider using Autologon. With this tool, you can easily customize Windows’ built-in autologon method. Autologon encrypts the credentials you enter in the Registry and uses them to log on your designated user automatically, eliminating the need to enter your name and password every time.

How to Use Autologon

Don’t worry, using Autologon is easy! First, launch autologon.exe, then complete the dialogue box with your desired credentials. Click “Enable,” and Windows will automatically log on the user at the console with the entered credentials the next time the system starts up.

Note that Autologon does not verify either the entered credentials or the authorized user account’s ability to connect to the computer. If you want to stop auto-logon, simply press “Disable.” Also, if you hold down the shift key just before the system attempts an autologon, it will be deactivated for that logon.

Controlling Autologon with LOGON Commands

If you want to track command action through console (AUTO), you can use the LOGON command. The system will automatically issue a LOGON for each MCS, HMCS, or SMCS console as the console is engaged when LOGON (AUTO) is enabled and RACF® is turned on. The console name is used as the logon userid by the automated LOGON. To ensure that the console is automatically logged on, the security administrator needs to specify a user profile for each console by console name.

If you intend to use LOGON (AUTO) for your installation, remember that you must define the name of the system console in your installation as a legitimate USERID to RACF. IBM® advises declaring the system console in CONSOLxx and avoiding using the system default name as the system console’s name.


  • Can I change the autologon credentials?
  • Yes, you can easily change the autologon credentials at any time by relaunching autologon.exe and entering new credentials.

  • What happens if someone else uses my computer?
  • If someone else tries to use your computer, Autologon will automatically log on with the last successfully used credentials.

  • Is Autologon safe to use?
  • Autologon is safe to use as long as you keep your entered credentials secure. Make sure not to share them with anyone else.

Experience a faster and more efficient logon process with Autologon. Download it now and enjoy a seamless Windows startup!

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