What isAutomated Insights

Automated Insights produced 300 million articles in 2013, surpassing the combined production of all major media businesses. In 2014, the company produced one billion articles, and in 2016, the number grew to 1.5 billion. Automated Insights launched Wordsmith, a SaaS solution for businesses access to natural language generating technologies, for beta testing in October 2015.

What is Automated Insights?

Automated Insights, founded in 2007, is an artificial intelligence company that creates software capable of generating natural language content. The company has quickly become a leader in the AI industry, producing millions of pieces of content for numerous companies in various industries.

How much content has Automated Insights produced?

According to Mashable, Automated Insights produced 300 million pieces of content in 2013 alone, surpassing the production rate of all major media businesses combined. The following year, the company’s software produced one billion tales. By 2016, Automated Insights had created approximately 1.5 billion pieces of content for businesses across different sectors.

What is Wordsmith?

Wordsmith is a SaaS (Software as a Service) product that Automated Insights released for beta testing in October 2015. This product provides businesses with access to natural language generating technologies. Wordsmith enables companies to generate personalized reports, email content, product descriptions, and other types of content at a large scale.

How does Automated Insights generate its content?

Automated Insights uses a technique called natural language generation to create unique articles, product descriptions, and reports. This technique involves the use of algorithms to interpret data and produce language that is understandable and coherent. The AI technology analyzes data inputs, identifies patterns and trends, and then creates reports by organizing and summarizing this information.

What is the significance of Automated Insights in the AI industry?

Automated Insights is significantly impacting the AI industry by demonstrating the potential for intelligent machines to create content that is not only informative but also high in quality. Through its technology, the company is reducing the time and cost associated with content creation while also ensuring consistency and accuracy.

In The resolution, Automated Insights is an innovative AI company that is on the cutting edge of natural language generation technology. With its Wordsmith product, Automated Insights is revolutionizing content creation by providing businesses with an efficient way to generate personalized reports and other types of content on a large scale.

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