What isAutoRABIT

AutoRABIT is a cloud-based software that automates various tasks for Salesforce developers, admins, analysts, and release managers. It helps with version control, deployment, testing, data loading, and sandpit management across different Salesforce orgs.

What is AutoRABIT?

AutoRABIT is a cloud-based software that offers Salesforce-specific continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) and release automation. It automates crucial tasks like version control, deployment, testing, data loading, and sandpit management across multiple Salesforce orgs.

What Does AutoRABIT Offer?

AutoRABIT offers Salesforce developers, release managers, admins, and analysts a wide range of features that streamline and automate their workflow. Some of the key features of the software are:

Continuous Integration (CI)

AutoRABIT offers CI functionality that automates code builds, unit testing, and packaging. This reduces the time and effort required to prepare and validate releases.

Continuous Deployment (CD)

AutoRABIT’s CD functionality automates the deployment of application code to multiple environments like QA, UAT, and production. This significantly reduces deployment time, errors, and supports rapid feature delivery.

Version Control

AutoRABIT supports a wide range of version control systems like Git, Perforce, and Subversion. It offers features like branching, merging, and conflict resolution to help manage changes to code.

Automation Testing

AutoRABIT supports automation testing for Salesforce applications. The software comes with pre-built test cases, and users can easily create custom test cases to check the functionality of their code.

Data Loading

AutoRABIT automates data loading for Salesforce orgs, allowing users to easily move data between orgs. This feature helps to speed up the data migration process and maintain data integrity.

Sandpit Management

AutoRABIT allows users to set up and manage Salesforce sandboxes easily. This feature is especially useful for large-scale enterprises, which require numerous sandboxes for development, testing, and staging.

Benefits of AutoRABIT

Using AutoRABIT offers numerous benefits to Salesforce development teams, such as:

Increase Productivity and Efficiency

Automation of crucial tasks like version control, deployment, and testing frees up valuable time for developers, allowing them to focus on creating new features and fixing bugs.

Improved Quality

AutoRABIT’s automation features help to catch errors before deployment, reducing the risk of introducing bugs into production.

Greater Collaboration

AutoRABIT provides a central platform for developers, release managers, admins, and analysts to collaborate and work together seamlessly.

Faster Time to Market

By automating many of the time-consuming tasks of code management and deployment, AutoRABIT helps to speed up the software development lifecycle and get products to market faster.

Cost Savings

The automation of time-consuming tasks and the increasing efficiency of the software development lifecycle can result in significant cost savings for enterprises.

The settlement

AutoRABIT is a powerful Salesforce-specific CI/CD and release automation software that offers numerous advantages to development teams. By automating crucial tasks like version control and testing, AutoRABIT improves efficiency, quality, and collaboration while reducing costs and time to market. Enterprises that invest in AutoRABIT can expect to see significant improvements in their software development lifecycle, as well as increased ROI.

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