What isAWS Artifact

AWS Artifact is a centralized resource that provides access to security and compliance information from AWS and ISVs. It is the go-to platform for compliance-related information that concerns users. The on-demand service offers access to information related to security and compliance from Amazon Marketplace as well.

What is AWS Artifact?

AWS Artifact is the best source of compliance-related information when it comes to concerns regarding your AWS account. This central resource is where you can access security and compliance information from AWS and Independent Software Vendors (ISV) that market their products on Amazon Marketplace. It is an on-demand service that customers can access anytime, making it a valuable tool for maintaining AWS compliance.

Why is AWS Artifact essential for compliance?

Achieving compliance can be challenging with regulations constantly changing and the increasing threat of security breaches on cloud-based systems. AWS Artifact provides customers with access to a wide variety of AWS audit reports and certifications from independent third-party assessors. These reports and certifications help customers ensure their compliance with different regulatory requirements like SOC, HIPAA, and PCI DSS.

With AWS Artifact, customers can be confident that AWS is providing them with the relevant information that they require. The resource centre has various service documents that detail how AWS services operate. This information includes mandatory control requirements, account management and data privacy practices, making it easier for customers to keep an eye on which practices are required to maintain compliance.

How can I access AWS Artifact?

The AWS Artifact resource centre can be accessed through the AWS Management Console. You can log in to your account, navigate to the AWS Artifact page, and begin accessing the relevant security and compliance documents.


What are the available documents in AWS Artifact?

AWS Artifact provides a wide range of documents, including AWS audit reports from independent third-party auditors, agreements, plans, and certifications related to compliance with different regulatory requirements. The AWS Artifact community strives to provide the most accurate and relevant documents for meeting your compliance demands.

Is there a cost associated with AWS Artifact?

No, AWS Artifact is a free service offered by Amazon Web Services to its customers. This means that anyone with an active account on AWS can access the resource centre and the audit reports and certifications available within it completely free.

What value does AWS Artifact offer for regulatory compliance?

AWS Artifact provides customers with the opportunity to keep up-to-date with the latest regulatory requirements and maintain compliance with these rules. It offers audit reports that have been reviewed and certified by independent third parties, which ensures that you can access reliable data that you need. Additionally, AWS makes adjustments to its services based on regulatory requirements and changes, so you can trust that you will be given the necessary information for maintaining compliance.

How does AWS Artifact make compliance easier?

AWS Artifact provides customers with an easy-to-use, central platform to access compliance-related documents, audit reports, and certifications. The AWS Artifact community is structured in a way that makes it easy to navigate, and the documents are easily accessible to anyone with an active AWS account. AWS Artifact ensures a reliable source of compliance-related information for its users, making managing and maintaining your compliance status easier than ever before.

In The interpretation, AWS Artifact is a valuable resource centre to ensure that customers are able to maintain their compliance with regulatory requirements. With its wide range of documents and audit reports, AWS Artifact simplifies and streamlines the compliance process, making it easier for consumers to access reliable information. By offering this service for free, AWS has ensured that all customers can access the necessary information at any time, thereby successfully promoting their vision of making the system easy to use and accessible for all customers.

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