What isAWS CloudTrail

AWS CloudTrail is an Amazon service that can help enable operational and risk audits, governance, and compliance of AWS accounts. It creates an event each time a user, role, or AWS service performs an action within the account. The service is automatically enabled when an AWS account is created, and users can easily view recent events by accessing the CloudTrail console and selecting Event history. Examples of events include actions performed through the Amazon Management Console, AWS Command Line Interface, and AWS SDKs and APIs.

WHAT is AWS CloudTrail and how does it work?

AWS CloudTrail is a service provided by Amazon that offers operational and risk audit, governance, and compliance assistance for AWS account users. CloudTrail records every action a user, role, or AWS service performs in your account. This can include actions taken via the AWS Management Console, AWS Command Line Interface, and the AWS SDKs and APIs. Essentially, every time something happens in your AWS account, a CloudTrail event is created.

CloudTrail tracks event logs, creating records for the following:

  • API calls made on your behalf
  • Management console sign-in events
  • Changes made to your AWS resources and services
  • Global service events and actions

All CloudTrail event logs are encrypted and stored in an AWS S3 bucket you specify. You can receive notifications of log file delivery using Amazon SNS or can enable CloudWatch Logs to track event-related metrics and create alarms for specific events.

Why should I use CloudTrail?

CloudTrail is a useful tool if you’re interested in getting better clarity on the activities taking place within your AWS account. It provides comprehensive details on account and user activities, allowing you to monitor and manage your environment with greater ease. Additionally, it can help you meet regulatory compliance requirements, provide a history of all account activity that can be used for forensic analysis in the event of a security incident, and support investigative and auditing efforts.

How do I access CloudTrail?

CloudTrail can be accessed via the AWS Management Console or programmatically using the AWS SDKs and APIs. To access CloudTrail from the AWS Management Console, sign in to the console, select CloudTrail, and navigate to the Events History tab. This will provide you with a list of recent events that have taken place within your account.

You can also use the CloudTrail REST API to programmatically access CloudTrail event data. The AWS SDKs and CLI are additional tools you can use to work with CloudTrail.

How do I enable CloudTrail?

When you first create an AWS account, CloudTrail is automatically enabled. However, if you need to enable it manually, you can do so through the AWS Management Console or by using the AWS CLI. You can also configure CloudTrail settings to ensure that it logs the events that are most important to you.

To get started with CloudTrail, make sure you have an AWS account, create a trail, and specify the settings for log delivery and event history. Once enabled, CloudTrail will automatically record all events in your AWS account, providing you with comprehensive details on your account and user activities.

The judgment

Candidly, AWS CloudTrail is a powerful tool that can help you monitor and manage your AWS environment with greater ease. The service provides detailed records of all account activity, which can be used for forensic analysis, regulatory compliance, and investigative and auditing purposes. It is easy to enable, and once enabled, it automatically records all events in your AWS account, making it simple to monitor your environment and track user and account activity.

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