What isbridged tap

“Bridged tap” is a term used to describe a fault detected by NBN equipment that occurs when there is an inconsistency in the physical wiring of your home that can cause irregularities and anomalies. The most common reason for this fault is the star configuration of telephone connections, which can cause issues with high frequency and bandwidth signals, typical of newer technologies like FTTN.

Bridge connections are a common type of telecommunications connection used by service providers. These connections can cause interference that impacts high-speed data transmissions. Customers experiencing line interference should discuss the possibility of bridge tapping with a telephone engineer, particularly if filtering does not resolve the issue.

Bridged taps can cause problems with DSL services, resulting in attenuation distortion. Modems can receive mixed signals, causing errors and synchronization issues. This issue is not detected if the signal is greatly attenuated, which can result from significant bridged taps. Only one household is connected to a line with a bridge connection, but the added length of the line can cause interference issues affecting services such as DSL Internet. Cracking or popping on the voice line while in use can also indicate a bridged tap problem.


How do I know if I have a bridged tap?

You may experience issues with high-speed data transmissions, such as DSL internet connections, and hear line crackling or popping when using the voice connection. Contact your service provider for assistance in diagnosing a possible bridged tap issue.

Can a bridged tap be fixed?

Yes, a telephone engineer can resolve bridged tap issues. They may recommend replacing or moving the affected wiring, among other options.


Bridged taps can cause significant issues with high-speed data transmissions and voice connections, particularly with newer technologies like FTTN. Seeking assistance from a service provider or telephone engineer can help diagnose and resolve these issues.

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