What isbusiness rules engine

A Business Rules Engine or BRE is a software program that automates and carries out various business rules in real-time. Companies have a set of guidelines in the form of policies, legal regulations, or other operational choices. A BRE independently maintains and executes these policies without any application code, making it easier to standardize the process.

A BRE is a collection of runtime and design-time software used to create, test, execute, audit, and maintain business logic, commonly known as “rules.” Business rules can be constructed using decision trees, decision tables, programming-like code, or pseudonatural language. A BRE is useful for standalone purchase or included in business process management software (BPMS).

Using a business rules engine streamlines business operations and increases productivity and efficiency. The enforcement of business rules is automated, reducing human errors and inconsistencies. It frees employees to focus on more strategic responsibilities, and management can ensure that decisions align with the company’s objectives.

A standard business rules engine has three components. First, the domain model defines the entities in the domain. Second, the inference engine assesses potential outcomes based on the selected inputs. Finally, the action mechanism executes the actions based on the inference engine’s analysis.

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In conclusion, a Business Rules Engine is an essential software program for companies looking to automate operations. It maintains and executes various operational choices, eliminates human errors and inconsistencies, and frees employees to focus on strategic responsibilities. The three components of a standard BRE include the domain model, inference engine, and action mechanism.

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