What isCertified Internet Webmaster

Looking to become a certified Internet web professional with an internationally recognized credential? Look no further than Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW), a set of certifications designed for website design and development professionals.

What is Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW)?

CIW is a certification program that offers four main areas of certification: web fundamentals, design, development, and security. To become a CIW, you must earn all of the professional certifications within those areas. The CIW designation confirms that you have completed rigorous coursework and passed exams in the latest technologies related to website design and development. Although it’s not a formal award, the CIW designation can show employers that you are committed to staying current in your field.

What Can a Certified Internet Webmaster Do?

A CIW can design websites, Internet networks, databases, or network security systems such as firewalls. They are skilled in coding tools, network types, file transfer protocols, project management, and security. Governments, schools, and businesses around the world rely on computer technology and many hire CIWs to help them keep their systems efficient and effective.

How to Become a Certified Internet Webmaster?

To become a CIW, you must pass exams in all the four areas of CIW certification. However, if you want certification in only one area, such as web fundamentals, you can go for Web Foundations Associate certification. You can enroll in public, private, and nonprofit schools that offer the required coursework and exam preparation programs.


What are the four main areas covered in CIW certification?

The four main areas of CIW certification are web fundamentals, design, development, and security.

What jobs can a CIW do?

A CIW can perform critical roles such as website designer, network administrator, database designer, and security specialist.

What is the web foundations associate certification?

The web foundations associate certification confirms that you have earned certification in one of the four areas: Internet Business Associate, Site Development Associate, or Network Technology Associate.

Final Thoughts

Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW) provides an internationally recognized certification for website design and development professionals. CIW certification can demonstrate to employers that you have the latest technical skills required to design secure and efficient websites, networks, and databases.

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