What isChivo wallet

Discover the official bitcoin and dollar wallet of the government of El Salvador: Chivo Wallet. Whether you want to send or receive Bitcoin and dollars between Salvadorans without commission, exchange Bitcoin for dollars, or use Lightning wallets, Chivo Wallet has got your back. Plus, it’s connected to the El Salvador banking system and Chivo ATMs for easy deposit or withdrawals.

At its launch, El Salvador’s government offered $30 as “seed money” for immediate use of the app. But with great popularity comes great responsibility. Chivo Wallet was contracted to AlphaPoint for optimization and upgrade, given the bitcoin company’s expertise in the field for the last nine years. Featuring hundreds of Bitcoin ATMs countrywide, Chivo Wallet currently serves over four million users, including a corporate version for invoicing and employee payments. With Chivo Wallet, El Salvador is opening its doors to a new financial ecosystem.

Chivo Wallet Features:

  • Send and receive Bitcoin and/or dollars without commission
  • Exchange Bitcoin for dollars or vice versa without commission
  • Compatible with other Bitcoin on-chain and Lightning wallets
  • Connected to the banking system of El Salvador for easy deposits and withdrawals
  • Chivo ATMs to deposit or withdraw dollars in cash
  • Corporate version for invoicing, employee payments, and tax purposes


Who can use Chivo Wallet?

Anyone living in El Salvador with a valid ID can use Chivo Wallet.

Is there any commission to use Chivo Wallet?

No, there is no commission for sending or receiving Bitcoin and dollars through Chivo Wallet.

Can I use Chivo Wallet outside of El Salvador?

No, Chivo Wallet is only available for use within El Salvador.

Join the Chivo Wallet Community Today!

Get ready to experience a brand new financial ecosystem with Chivo Wallet. Join the four million users today and enjoy seamless, commission-free transactions. With Chivo Wallet, El Salvador is leading the way towards the widespread adoption of Bitcoin and a future built on financial inclusivity.

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