What isChrome Canary

Chrome Canary is an innovative version of the Google Chrome operating system that offers users advanced features that are tested before they are moved to the beta build. The main purpose of Canary is to speed up Chrome’s development cycle with the help of user feedback and statistics.

Canary is the only Chrome channel that installs separately and runs side-by-side with Stable on Mac. It’s also an excellent environment for developers as it includes new, untested features, flags, and APIs. For example, any JavaScript written in the console in Dev Tools is immediately evaluated, and CSS autofill was first available in Canary months before its official Stable release.

Moreover, Canary provides a less cluttered search experience with fewer ads and a cleaner interface. Unfortunately, Linux users don’t have access to Canary.


What is Chrome Canary?

Chrome Canary is an advanced version of the Google Chrome operating system that offers users the ability to test innovative features before they are released to the beta build. It also serves as an excellent environment for developers.

Can I run Chrome Canary alongside Stable?

Yes, on a Mac, Chrome Canary is the only channel that can run alongside Stable. On Windows, you can run Dev and Beta side by side.

Why should I use Chrome Canary?

If you want to experience new features ahead of other users and provide feedback to Google developers, you should install the Chrome Canary browser. It’s also an excellent option for developers looking to test new APIs and flags.

Is Chrome Canary safe to use?

Chrome Canary is not as stable as other versions of Chrome, so there may be occasional crashes or bugs. It’s recommended for advanced users and developers, and not for regular use.

Experience Innovation with Chrome Canary

If you’re a developer or an advanced user looking to experience new features and provide feedback to Google developers, Chrome Canary is the perfect browser for you. Try it out and witness the innovation that Google developers have to offer!

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