What iscomputerize

Computerization refers to the process of converting an analog system into a digital one, replacing human labor with computers, or installing computer systems. Simply put, it’s the act of using computers to perform, process, store, or control tasks that were traditionally done manually. Computerization is environmentally friendly as it significantly reduces paper usage.

Benefits of Computerization

Converting a paper system to computers has numerous benefits for an organization. By eliminating the need to store physical records or files, computerization frees up additional space that can be used for other purposes, such as expanding equipment, extending employee work areas, or creating a customer waiting area. The extra space created by computerization could even offset the cost of expanding or relocating the facility.

Examples of Computerization

Computerization can be viewed in many different contexts. For instance, when teachers use computers instead of pen and paper to grade assignments or manage their classroom, that’s computerization. When consumers stop using paper coupons and begin downloading them directly to their mobile devices, that’s another form of computerization. Another way computerization can be seen is in sports programs using mobile apps to record game statistics instead of writing them down on paper.


What is the definition of computerize?

Computerize means to convert an analog system into a digital system by using computers.

What are some benefits of computerization?

Computerization can free up additional space, reduce paper usage, and improve organizational efficiency by automating manual processes.

What are some examples of computerization?

Computerization can be seen when teachers use computers to manage their classroom, when consumers use mobile devices to download coupons, or when sports programs use apps to record game statistics.


Computerization is the process of replacing manual work with computers, automating tasks, and improving organizational efficiency. In today’s digital era, computerization is becoming increasingly necessary for organizations that want to improve their productivity while reducing their environmental impact.

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