What isconnected car

A connected car is a vehicle with an in-built or tethered Internet connection. This allows the car to share data and internet access with other devices within and outside the car. Connected cars are equipped with two types of systems: embedded and tethered. The former is integrated with a chip and built-in antenna, while the latter is equipped with hardware connected to the driver’s smartphone.

Telematics in connected cars has revolutionized the automotive industry, as it allows vehicles to access and send data, download software patches, connect to other internet-enabled devices, and provide passengers with onboard Wi-Fi. Connected car technology is also increasingly becoming essential for electric cars, streamlining safety systems, GPS tracking and the ability to use data and voice simultaneously. Automakers have also introduced safety measures that connect cars to emergency services.

General Motors and Motorola Automotive pioneered the first connected cars in 1996 with OnStar. The telematics system initially allowed voice calls to a call center that notified emergency responders in case of an accident.


What is the difference between embedded and tethered systems in a connected car?

Embedded systems are integrated into the car and are equipped with a chipset and built-in antenna, while tethered systems are connected to the driver’s smartphone and use its hardware for internet access.

What is the significance of telematics in connected cars?

Telematics enables connected cars to access/send data, download software updates/patches, connect to other devices (Internet of Things or IoT), and also provide a WiFi Internet connection to passengers.

What is OnStar?

OnStar is a telematics system developed by General Motors and Motorola Automotive in 1996, which allowed voice calls to a call center that notified emergency responders in the event of an accident.

Final Thoughts

Connected car technology has revolutionized modern driving, transforming cars from just modes of transportation to intelligent devices. The internet-enabled cars provide drivers with new levels of convenience, safety, and improved driving experiences. It is exciting to imagine the future of connected cars, and how they will change the future of transportation.

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