What iscontinuous process improvement

Continuous process improvement is defined as “the continuous improvement of products, services, or processes through incremental and breakthrough improvements.” This doesn’t just mean that a company should make changes when things aren’t running smoothly. Rather, continuous process improvement is an actual work style designed to continually review results and quickly take new action when deemed necessary.

The key word here is “continuous” because ultimately, far-reaching changes and progress result from small steps, all aimed at optimization. For some, it may be easy to equate continuous process improvement with other lean methodologies such as Kaizen and Six Sigma. While these frameworks help improve processes and can be incorporated into continuous process improvement practices, they are not the same thing.

To survive in a dynamic market and secure long-term business profits, companies must continuously evaluate and improve their processes. Continuous process improvement (CPI) is a method that focuses on the continuous improvement of products, services or processes. Changes or improvements can be made incrementally or in one go. The important aspect of CPI is that it is an ongoing activity, not a one-time initiative. A continuous improvement process, often referred to as a continuous improvement process (CIP or AI), is an ongoing effort to improve products, services, or processes. These efforts may be aimed at “incremental” improvement over time or “breakthrough” improvement all at once. Delivery processes (valued by customers) are constantly evaluated and improved for efficiency, effectiveness, and flexibility.

Some see CIP as a meta-process for most management systems (such as business process management, quality management, project management, and program management)[3] W. Edwards Deming, a pioneer in the field, saw it as part of the “system” where feedback from process and customers is evaluated against organizational goals.

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