What isCRISC Certification

The CRISC certification is awarded to IT experts who prove their proficiency in IT risk assessment, security, and information technology through an online exam. Applicants must have at least three years of relevant work experience. With a CRISC certification, specialists can help businesses identify risks and implement suitable measures to maximize resources and ROI.

What is a CRISC Certification?

A CRISC certification is an industry-recognized credential that demonstrates an information technology specialist’s mastery of IT risk management, information security, and information systems control. This certification is granted by ISACA, the globally recognized leader in IT governance and control, after passing a rigorous certification exam and meeting specific work experience requirements.

Why is a CRISC Certification Important?

As businesses become increasingly digitized, cyber threats have become more prevalent than ever before. A CRISC certification enables IT specialists to identify and address risks and vulnerabilities to IT systems, networks, and applications proactively. By mitigating risks in advance, organizations prevent data loss, safeguard sensitive information, and protect their reputations against costly breaches.

What Skills are Tested in the CRISC Certification Exam?

The CRISC certification exam covers four domains: IT risk management, IT governance and management, information systems control, and business continuity and disaster recovery. The exam assesses candidates’ knowledge of industry best practices for risk identification, assessment, mitigation, and management, as well as knowledge of standards and regulations related to IT security and governance.

What is Required to Earn a CRISC Certification?

To earn a CRISC certification, candidates must meet minimum work experience requirements of three years in IT risk management and passing the CRISC certification exam. The exam is computer-based and consists of 150 multiple-choice questions to be completed in four hours. Once certified, professionals must maintain the certification by earning 120 continuing professional education (CPE) credits within three years of certification.

How can a CRISC Certification Benefit IT Professionals?

Achieving CRISC certification demonstrates an IT professional’s mastery of information technology risk management, governance, and control. This credential can help professionals advance their careers, increase their salaries, and enhance their credibility as risk management specialists. Additionally, CRISC-certified professionals gain access to a global community of peers and resources, supporting ongoing professional growth and development in IT risk management.


IT professionals seeking to advance their careers in IT governance, risk management, and controls should consider earning a CRISC certification. This industry-recognized credential demonstrates mastery of IT risk assessment, information technology, and security and provides opportunities for career advancement and access to a global professional community.

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