What iscursor keys

Have you ever wondered what those arrow keys on your keyboard are for? They are cursor keys also known as arrow keys that allow you to move the cursor around the screen without using a mouse.

What Are Cursor Keys?

Cursor keys, or arrow keys, are keyboard keys that are used to move the cursor or highlight a selection. There are four arrow keys, including left arrow, up arrow, down arrow, and right arrow. These keys are found on all modern standard keyboards and allow you to navigate documents and applications.

How to Use Cursor Keys?

Cursor keys are used for various purposes. They can be used to navigate through text in a document, move the cursor to different cells in a spreadsheet, or control movement in a video game. You can use cursor keys in combination with other keys like Shift, Alt, or Ctrl to perform specific functions in applications.

Common Cursor Key Combinations

There are several ways to move the cursor using keyboard keys, depending on the keyboard layout. Here are some of the common keyboard combinations:

  • WASD – used in video games
  • IJKL, IJKM – used in text editors
  • ESDF – used in video games
  • AOE – used in Dvorak keyboards
  • ZQSD – used in AZERTY keyboards


Cursor keys or arrow keys are an essential part of a standard keyboard that makes navigation around the screen faster and easier. Whether you are a gamer or a document editor, cursor keys are essential in easing your navigation experience.


What are cursor keys used for?

Cursor keys are used to move the cursor around the screen without using a mouse. They are used for navigating documents, spreadsheets, and playing video games.

What are cursor key combinations?

Cursor key combinations are specific keyboard combinations used to move the cursor around in different directions for specific applications.

Are cursor keys still useful?

Yes! While most navigation can now be done using a mouse or touchpad, cursor keys remain essential for those who navigate documents, spreadsheets, and play games frequently.

Final Thoughts

No matter what you use cursor keys for, they are a valuable tool for computer navigation and provide ease of use for those who prefer them over a mouse. Take time to explore the different cursor key combinations and find which ones work best for you.

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