What isdigital postcard

A digital postcard is a modern version of a traditional postcard, except it can be distributed in digital formats such as email, text messages, and social media. This means you can easily create and spread your on-demand content with ease, and even incorporate them into print materials using QR codes. Digital postcards offer direct access to sign-in pages, performance portals, hosted documents, and other helpful resources that can boost learning, engagement, and response.

Create Beautiful Custom Postcards Online With Drawtify

Drawtify is an excellent and powerful online postcard maker that allows you to create beautiful custom postcards online for free. With a powerful vector editor and excellent layout features, much like CorelDRAW and InDesign, Drawtify is a professional online graphic design software that also includes easy-to-use design functions and rich plug-ins. These include special effects, art clipping, 3D effects, smart drawing, smart charts, smart maps, QR codes, barcodes, and more, making it a comprehensive and versatile postcard maker.


What is the difference between a traditional postcard and a digital postcard?

A traditional postcard is a physical card that can be mailed without an envelope, while a digital postcard is a digital version that can be distributed via email, text messages, social media, or incorporated into print materials using QR codes.

What are the benefits of digital postcards?

Digital postcards offer on-demand content creation, distribution, and reporting, direct access to resources, and a wider distribution channel that includes digital platforms.

How can I create a digital postcard for free?

You can create a digital postcard for free using Drawtify, which is a powerful and versatile online postcard maker with professional design functions and rich plug-ins.

Final Thoughts

Creating a digital postcard is an effective way to distribute your on-demand content, boost learning and engagement, and widen your distribution channels. Drawtify is an excellent and free online postcard maker that can help you create beautiful and professional custom postcards for your needs.

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