What isDisco

Disco is a hyperdata browser used to traverse the Semantic Web, accessing unbound data sources and RDF graphs without downloading anything to one’s computer. Its straightforward interface allows users to access connected data by visiting the webpage for a specific resource, making it an efficient tool for navigating the vast network of information available on the Web.

What is Disco?

Disco is a hyperdata browser that enables users to surf the Semantic Web as an unbound collection of data sources, like static RDF files scattered around the Web, or RDF graphs. It provides users access to connected data (hyperdata) of resources by visiting the HTML page that the browser displays for all information about a given resource.

How does Disco work?

Disco is a server-side programme that does not require the user to download anything on their computer. It connects to linked data representations of resources on the Semantic Web and browses them in an intuitive user interface.

The server-side programme uses HTTP-URIs to identify resources and expose them as hyperdata. Disco then retrieves metadata about these resources such as tags, titles, links, and descriptions, to create HTML pages that visualise this linked data.

Users can use Disco to explore resources on the Semantic Web by typing in the URI of a resource in the browser. Disco then retrieves metadata about the resource and displays it as HTML, allowing the user to explore hyperdata for that resource.

Why Use Disco?

Disco provides a simple, user-friendly and intuitive way for users to browse and interact with data on the Semantic Web. It makes navigating RDF data easy and connected, enabling users to follow links that lead to related data.

In addition to its ease of use, Disco is a very versatile tool, supporting multiple formats such as RDF/XML, N-Triples, Turtle, and N3. Disco also has a SPARQL endpoint allowing users to execute SPARQL queries to explore RDF data sources.

The decision

In summary, Disco is a valuable tool for navigating the Semantic Web. It provides users with an intuitive way to browse hyperdata and retrieve metadata about resources using HTTP-URIs. Disco is easy to use and supports multiple formats, allowing users to access a variety of RDF data sources. As the Semantic Web continues to grow, Disco will remain a useful and relevant tool for exploring linked data on this platform.

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