What isdomain forwarding

Domain forwarding, also known as URL forwarding or redirecting, is a service that enables users to point their domain name to a different website or specific web page. It is a useful feature for people who have multiple websites or online presence and want to redirect their visitors using a single domain name.

When your domain is registered with GoDaddy and you use their nameservers, domain forwarding can be easily set up. It helps to redirect your visitors from your GoDaddy domain to any other website, WordPress, Wix or another URL. It is a perfect solution if you have multiple domain names and want to consolidate traffic from all of them to a single place.

It should not be mistaken with other redirects typically implemented by HTML or scripts, which redirect a particular web page to another web page on the same domain or to another domain. With domain forwarding, when a user visits a domain that uses domain redirection, they are taken to the URL that domain redirection is set to, and the original domain name remains hidden in the address bar. Instead, the chosen URL to which your domain redirects to is displayed.

URL redirects can also be used to redirect incoming requests from the old URL to the new URL. This is a crucial feature if an author moves their website to a new domain name. It helps users who use bookmarks and ensures a smooth transition from the old to the new URL without disrupting online presence or search engine rankings.


How does domain forwarding work?

Domain forwarding works by directing your website visitors from one domain to another. If you have multiple domain names that point to the same website, domain forwarding helps consolidate your traffic by the use of a single domain name.

Can I set up domain forwarding with GoDaddy?

Yes, if your domain is registered with GoDaddy and you use their nameservers, you can set up domain forwarding for your domain.

Is domain forwarding the same as domain masking?

No, domain forwarding and domain masking are two different things. Domain forwarding redirects your visitors from one domain to another, while domain masking allows you to keep the original domain name in the address bar even after redirection.

The Bottom Line

Domain forwarding is a versatile solution that provides numerous benefits to website owners looking to consolidate their online presence under a single domain name. By redirecting visitors to one website from multiple domain names, domain forwarding makes it easier to manage online traffic and improves the browsing experience for your visitors.

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