What isedge connector

An edge connector is an integral part of a PCB, and it usually consists of traces that run towards the edge of the board. These connectors are designed to fit into a matching socket, and they are commonly used in computer expansion slots for peripherals such as PCI, PCI Express and AGP cards.

What are the uses of edge connectors?

Edge connectors are primarily used in personal computers to connect expansion cards and computer memory to the system bus. They are widely used in a range of peripheral technologies such as PCI, PCI Express, and AGP. The connector is also ideal for Slot 1 and Slot A, where the processor is mounted on a card with an edge connector instead of directly on the motherboard.

What are the advantages of edge connectors?

One of the most significant benefits of edge connectors is that they are cost-effective and straightforward while being robust and durable. They can be regarded as a direct extension of the printed circuit board, making them more reliable for meeting performance standards and creating connections between different PCBs. The connector is also coded with polarity to prevent incorrect assembly, and options such as insertion force are used to ensure it remains secure.


Edge connectors represent a critical component of a PCB, designed for making plug-in connections with other boards. Their affordability, simplicity, and durability make them a popular choice across several technologies, especially computers. They can seamlessly integrate with different PCBs, ensuring maximum performance while preventing incorrect assembly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is an edge connector used for?

An edge connector is used to create plug-in connections between a PCB and another board. It is commonly used in computers for expansion card slots such as PCI, PCI Express, AGP and memory.

What are the advantages of an edge connector?

Edge connectors are affordable, simple, robust and durable. They are an extension of the PCB, making them a reliable option for meeting performance standards. They are usually coded for polarity to prevent incorrect assembly, and some options use insertion force to ensure a secure fit.

What technologies use edge connectors?

Several peripheral technologies use edge connectors, including PCI, PCI Express, AGP, Slot 1, and Slot A.

Final Thoughts

Edge connectors play an essential role in PCBs, helping to create robust and reliable connections between PCBs. Their affordability and simplicity make them a popular choice across several industries, especially computers. With their numerous benefits and advantages, it’s clear that edge connectors will continue to be a critical component in several tech applications.

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