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Your email may have interesting content, but neglecting the email footer would be a major mistake. It comprises the last portion of your email and can show vital and helpful information your subscribers must know. It is essential to make it informative and professional.

What is an Email Footer?

An email footer is an essential element at the bottom of your emails representing your company. It is typically used to provide essential information about your business, such as your location, contact details, social media icons, website details, and other relevant details. It can also be a valuable place to include unsubscribe links and comply with necessary regulations. Emails must have legally required information, and the footer is an excellent spot for that.

Why is it Important to Have a Footer in your Email?

A professional footer can perfect an email and present a professional image of your brand. It is your final chance to influence the reader by providing vital information that can potentially benefit your business. It presents an excellent opportunity to connect and promote your social media handles, create brand credibility, and adhere to regulations. The footer will build trust, respect, and give the recipient all the necessary information. Footer content may include disclaimers, terms and conditions, and privacy policies.

What Information Should You Include In Your Email Footer?

Apart from required legal information, you should add other necessary details that your reader may find useful. This includes the business name, phone number, email address, physical address, and official website. Furthermore, it can be a great place to showcase social media links and social channels such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. It can also include other helpful information like special offers, products, and customer support information.


The email footer is fundamental in creating a professional impression, increasing reader engagement, and being compliant with legal requirements. It provides all necessary contact information and social media handles to help your recipient get in touch with you. Also, it offers a chance to promote your business and drive conversion. Ensure all the vital information is incorporated in your email footer.


What is the purpose of an email footer?

An email footer is a purposeful element placed at the bottom of your emails, helping readers contact the sender, offering links, setting unsubscribe links, and providing compliance information that subscribers require.

What should an email footer contain?

An email footer should contain legal requirements, vital information like business name, phone number, email address, official website, and your social media handles. You can also incorporate your business address, a tagline, and special offers for your subscribers.

Why do you need an email footer?

You need an email footer to meet legal requirements, maintain consistency across business communications, provide essential information such as contact information and social media handles, increase your brand credibility, and enhance user experience for your subscribers.

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