What isFile-AID

File-AID is a powerful cross-platform utility that offers an efficient solution to manage and access necessary files and data. It eliminates the need for developers and QA staff to spend time searching for required files, thus reducing the data-related workload and leaving more time to develop new features and resolve production issues. With File-AID, you can efficiently manage your test data, offering you the confidence to make code changes without any unintended complications.

File-AID is a versatile tool that is used predominantly for re-formatting data when copying it from another data set. As per Compuware’s claims, the File-AID mainframe data management solution enables the developers to utilize their development time effectively by providing quick and easy access to required data and files.

File-Aid is extremely useful when it comes to browsing (PS, VSAM), editing the files, and more. It offers a variety of user-friendly options that make browsing and editing files a lot easier. For instance, we can browse a file with its layout and limit the number of records present in the file according to our requirements, thanks to the selection criteria option.


What kind of data formats does File-AID support?

File-AID supports various file formats, including PS, VSAM, and more.

How does File-AID streamline the data management process?

File-AID offers quick and easy access to the required data and files, reducing the time spent searching for them, thus streamlining the data management process.

What kind of benefits can File-AID offer to developers?

File-AID can help developers manage their test data effectively, offering them the confidence they need to make changes to their code without worrying about unintended consequences.

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