What isfloating toolbar

A Floating Toolbar is a movable toolbar that can be dragged around the screen. If you are tired of traditional toolbars that stay in the same place, then a floating toolbar is for you. It is easy to create a floating toolbar in any program. Simply click and hold on the toolbar notch and move it to your desired location.

When it comes to Ribbon Smart Designer, C1Ribbon provides a visual editing experience that allows you to customize various ribbon elements at design time. The Smart Designer Floating Toolbar is a feature that permits users to set properties directly on the form, which makes it more convenient to modify the design.

How to Create a Floating Toolbar?

The process of creating a floating toolbar may vary according to the program you are using. However, we have mentioned basic steps which you can follow:

  1. Click on the Toolbar notch on the far left.
  2. Drag the toolbar notch to move it to the desired location.
  3. Your floating toolbar is ready to use!

Benefits of Using a Floating Toolbar

  • Flexible and movable.
  • Saves valuable screen space.
  • Enhances the user’s experience of the program.
  • Easily accessible.

Summing it up, creating a floating toolbar is a simple and efficient way to improve your user experience. Take advantage of this helpful feature today and make the most out of your program!


Q. Can I create a floating toolbar in any application?

A. Yes, you can create a floating toolbar in any application that has a traditional toolbar.

Q. Is a floating toolbar customizable?

A. Yes, you can customize a floating toolbar according to your preferences and the needs of your program.

Q. How can I access the Smart Designer Floating Toolbar?

A. You can access the Smart Designer Floating Toolbar by using the Ribbon Smart Designer.

Final Thoughts

Creating a floating toolbar is an excellent way to add customization and flexibility to your program. With its movable and easily accessible features, users can enhance their program experience. Try it out today and experience the benefits!

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