What isFQFP

A Quad Flat Package (QFP) is a compact surface mount integrated circuit package commonly used in electronic devices like computers, smartphones, and gaming consoles. It has “gull wing” leads that extend from all four sides, making it easy to solder onto printed circuit boards (PCBs).

Features of QFP

QFP comes in various configurations with 32 to 304 pins and a fine pitch of 0.4 to 1.0 mm. There are also special variants like low-profile QFP (LQFP) and thin QFP (TQFP) that are designed for specific applications. The package is usually rectangular and has a thickness of a few millimeters, with pins bent downwards in the gull-wing format.

History of QFP

The QFP package type originated in Japan in the 1970s and became popular in Europe and the United States in the early 1990s. It is often used together with perforated and socketed components on the same PCB, making it a versatile and widely used package type in the electronics industry.


What is the advantage of QFP?

QFP is compact and easy to assemble, making it a cost-effective solution for mass production of electronic devices. Its fine pitch and high pin density also make it suitable for complex and high-performance applications like microprocessors and memory devices.

Can QFP be socketed or through-hole mounted?

Socketing of QFP is rare, and through-hole mounting is not possible due to its fine pitch and gull wing leads. However, QFP can be easily soldered onto the surface of the PCB, making it a reliable and efficient package type.

What are the special variants of QFP?

Special variants of QFP include low-profile QFP (LQFP), which has a reduced package height to save space on the PCB, and thin QFP (TQFP), which has a thinner package body for applications where height is a constraint.


QFP is a commonly used surface mount integrated circuit package type with “gull wing” leads extending from all four sides. It is compact, versatile, and cost-effective, making it the preferred choice for mass production of electronic devices.

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