What isfront projector

Front projection is a cost-effective solution for immersive displays when space is limited. It allows the projector to be placed in a central position above or behind the audience, saving valuable event space. A folded lens optic or an ultra-short-throw approach can be used to achieve front projection by allowing light to fall at an extreme angle onto the screen surface.

One advantage of front projection is that it reduces the risk of creating a shadow. However, shadow artifacts are still possible, and the interaction area without such artifacts is limited. Reflection problems can also occur when using front projection surfaces, which can cause blurred images and reduced contrast levels.

Front projection systems use a projector and a separate screen, similar to a movie theater. The projector can be placed on a table or attached to the ceiling, while the image looks best on a high-quality screen or a specially painted flat wall.


What is front projection?

Front projection refers to the setup where the projector is placed away from the screen and above or behind the audience. The image is projected onto the front of the screen, similar to a movie theater.

What are the benefits of using front projection?

Front projection is a cost-effective solution, requires less space, and reduces the risk of creating shadows. It allows the projector and viewing area to occupy the same space, saving valuable event space.

What are the drawbacks of using front projection?

Front projection may cause shadow artifacts and reflection problems, leading to reduced contrast levels. The interaction area may also be limited without such artifacts.


Front projection is an ideal solution when space is limited, and the projector needs to be placed closer to the viewing area. While it has some drawbacks, a properly set-up front projection system with a high-quality screen or specially painted flat wall can provide an immersive experience for any event.

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