What isfusible link

A fusible link is a safety device used in both mechanical and electrical systems. Its purpose is to provide thermal overload, overcurrent, or short circuit protection. Fusible links are designed to melt at certain temperatures or current levels, which breaks the circuit and activates a safety mechanism.

The Two Basic Categories of Fusible Links

Mechanical and electrical fusible links are the two basic categories of these devices. Mechanical fusible links activate safety mechanisms, such as sprinkler systems, upon exposure to heat. On the other hand, electrical fusible links break a circuit in case of a power failure.

Other Uses of Fusible Links

Fusible links are also called PROM links or PLA links. They make a single cell in the memory array of a PROM continuous electrically. This connection can be destroyed during programming to force the cell to assume the complementary logic state, which is irreversible and provides data safety.


Where is a fusible link located?

Fusible links are located within the wiring of various mechanical and electrical systems such as sprinkler systems and automotive electrical systems.

What happens when a fusible link melts?

When a fusible link melts, it breaks the circuit, which activates the safety mechanism. This prevents overheating and short circuits, which can lead to dangerous situations or damage to electrical equipment.

Final Thoughts

A fusible link is an essential safety device in various mechanical and electrical systems. It provides thermal overload, overcurrent, or short circuit protection and is designed to melt at specific temperatures or current levels. By breaking the circuit and activating the safety mechanism, it helps prevent dangerous situations and damage to equipment.

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