What isGID file

If you’re a user of Windows 95 or 98, you may have come across a .GID file while accessing the built-in Help system. In simple terms, a GID file is an index file that helps to speed up access to Windows Help topics.

What does a GID file contain?

A GID file contains information on various Help topics and helps to organize this information in a way that can be easily accessed by the Help system. It’s essentially a map that tells the Help system where to find specific Help files or topics related to a user’s query.

How is a GID file created and updated?

Whenever a user accesses a Help file in the Windows operating system, a new GID file is created on the hard drive. This file is updated and overwritten on subsequent accesses to the Help system. The purpose of this file is to allow the system to access Help documents more efficiently.


A GID file may seem like a small and insignificant file, but it plays an important role in the functioning of the Windows Help system. It helps to speed up access to Help topics and makes it easier for users to find the information they need.


What happens if a GID file becomes outdated?

If a GID file becomes outdated, Windows will create an updated GID file when it detects that an outdated Help file exists on the user’s computer.

What is the file extension for a GID file?

The file extension for a GID file is .gid.

Can a GID file be opened and edited?

It’s not recommended to edit GID files since they are system files and any changes made to them can cause issues with the functioning of the Windows Help system.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know what a GID file is and how it works, you can appreciate the crucial role it plays in the Windows operating system’s Help system.

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