What isglasserati

The Glasserati is a term used to refer to the Google Glass user community. It’s a play on words, combining the suffix -erati (meaning a group with expertise) with “glass,” the technology behind Google Glass. In other words, the Glasserati are the tech-savvy users who are familiar with this unique interface.

Google Glass is a controversial technology that has elicited strong reactions, both positive and negative. Some critics argue that it can have a detrimental impact on certain aspects of life, while others see it as a groundbreaking tool for enhancing productivity and connecting people in revolutionary ways.

Despite the ongoing debate, the Glasserati denotes a community of enthusiastic early adopters, or “geeks” who are part of Google’s grand experiment. Being a member of the Glasserati means being one of the few lucky individuals who have had early access to this cutting-edge technology.


What is Google Glass?

Google Glass is a wearable smart device that allows users to access information hands-free. It enables voice commands, taking photos and videos, and connecting with other devices through the internet.

Who are the Glasserati?

The Glasserati is a colloquial term for the Google Glass user community.

What are some criticisms of Google Glass?

Some critics argue that Google Glass can have a negative impact on privacy, social interaction, and even safety, as it can be distracting when used while driving or walking.

Final Thoughts

The Glasserati represents a group of innovative individuals who are at the forefront of the technology revolution. While there are concerns and criticisms about Google Glass, it’s essential to recognize that this technology has the potential to reshape the way we interact with the world around us.

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