What ishandshake

The handshake is a symbol of greeting and farewell shared globally between two people. However, customs surrounding handshaking differ across cultures. Handshake, on the other hand, is an online recruitment platform that works with universities and employers to provide an easy job search for college students and graduates.

What Handshake Offers:

  • Customizable job search filters to find the right jobs and internships
  • Option to save favorite job searches and companies for personalized job alerts
  • Exploration of countless job opportunities across Utah and the country
  • Effective deadline reminders for job applications and interviews
  • Easy application process to apply directly through Handshake’s website
  • Connect with hundreds of top employers for potential career opportunities
  • Access reviews of employers from other students
  • Registration for job fairs, information sessions, and other recruiting events
  • On-campus appointments and interviews scheduling facility


How do I create a Handshake account?

You can easily create a Handshake account by signing up through your university. Your university may already have an existing partnership with Handshake. If not, you can request for one.

Is Handshake only for full-time jobs?

No, Handshake offers both part-time and full-time job opportunities. You can even find internships and co-op programs on the platform.

Do I need to pay to use Handshake?

No, Handshake is free for students and graduates to use.

Join Handshake today to simplify your job search process!

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