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An HTML anchor tag is a powerful tool to link pages, files, locations, and URLs in a website with incredible ease. The anchor tag in HTML creates a hyperlink, making it possible to connect any web element, such as text, images, or buttons, to an external webpage or local file. By using the “href” attribute, you can specify the target location of the link. It is essential to use clear and descriptive anchor text or images to provide your users with a context for the link destination.

How to Create an HTML Anchor?

Creating an HTML anchor tag is simple. Here’s an example of a basic HTML anchor tag:

<a href="https://www.example.com">Link Text</a>

This code creates an anchor tag with the “href” attribute set to the URL destination. The text “Link Text” will appear as clickable text on the webpage.

FAQs about HTML Anchor Tag

What is the target attribute of an anchor tag?

The target attribute defines where the link opens. By default, it opens in the same window or tab as the current page. However, you can use the “target” attribute to specify whether you want the link to open in the same or a new tab or window.

Can I link to a specific location in a webpage?

Yes, you can use the anchor tag to link to a specific location in a webpage by adding the targeted location’s ID to the URL. For instance, if the target location’s ID is “contact,” the URL will be “https://www.example.com/#contact.”


HTML anchor tags provide an easy way to link webpages, files, locations, and URLs in your website. By creating clear and descriptive anchor text or images, you can help users understand the link destination’s context. Remember to use the “target” attribute to control how the link opens.

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