What isHTML frames

If you’re creating a web page or website, you might find it useful to divide the page into multiple sections, and have these sections load differently from one another. That’s where HTML frames come in handy!

Frames are like sections or windows within a webpage or web browser, and each frame can display its own content independently from the container. These frames can be arranged in a collection called a frameset, similar to rows and columns in a table.

When creating a frameset, you will need to use the <frameset> and <frame> tags, although it’s important to note that the frame tag is deprecated in HTML5. Each frame has its own frame tag, which identifies it. The horizontal and vertical frames are defined by the row and column attributes of the respective frame tags.

One of the biggest advantages of using HTML frames is the ability to display multiple HTML documents simultaneously in a browser window. For instance, you could have a navigation menu displayed in one frame and the main content displayed in another. With frames, there are endless possibilities for displaying different types of content at the same time.


Why is the frame tag deprecated in HTML5?

The frame tag is deprecated in HTML5 due to several limitations and browser inconsistencies. Instead, it is recommended to use modern web technologies like CSS and JavaScript to achieve similar effects.

How do I create frames in HTML?

To create frames in HTML, you will need to use the <frameset> and <frame> tags. The <frameset> tag defines the frameset, while the <frame> tag defines each individual frame within the set.

What are some good use cases for HTML frames?

HTML frames can be useful for displaying content that needs to be constantly visible, such as a navigation menu, while the main content of the webpage is being scrolled through. They can also be used to display multiple pages of content in the same window, which can be especially helpful for comparison websites or other types of websites that require multiple views of the same information.


HTML frames are a useful tool for dividing a webpage into multiple sections and displaying each section independently of the container. While the frame tag is deprecated in HTML5, it can still be useful for displaying multiple HTML documents simultaneously in a browser window. By using the <frameset> and <frame> tags, you can create unique designs and layouts for your webpages, which can help improve usability and user engagement.

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