What isHVGA

HVGA is a screen resolution that is widely used in high-end devices such as smartphones where more graphical content needs to be displayed. The standard width of an HVGA display is 480 pixels which is half the size of a VGA screen. The high pixel rate of HVGA screens makes them perfect for modern smartphones with small screens; however, they are gradually becoming less common as devices with handheld displays generally get larger.

Modern smartphones prefer TFT and AMOLED screens because of their intensive graphics performance; nonetheless, HVGA is still a favorite among some manufacturers. Its higher resolution makes the device more expensive and increases the cost. Therefore, the lower WQVGA resolution is found in affordable models, where it fits well into the price range. It is expected that in the future, larger resolutions will become more popular while WQVGA and HVGA will go out of fashion.


What is the full meaning of HVGA?

HVGA is an acronym that stands for Half VGA.

What is the standard width of an HVGA display?

The standard width of an HVGA display is 480 pixels.

Why are TFT and AMOLED screens the preferred screens for modern smartphones?

TFT and AMOLED screens are the preferred screens for modern smartphones because of their intensive graphics performance.

Final Thoughts

The HVGA screen resolution is an essential aspect of modern smartphones and other high-end devices. Although they are becoming less common these days, they still remain an excellent display option for mobile devices. There are no doubts that larger resolutions will take over at some point due to the need for a larger screen, but until then, HVGA remains an excellent option for manufacturers who prioritize intensive graphics performance on small screens.

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