What isHyperSCSI

If you’re looking for information on HyperSCSI, you’re likely a tech enthusiast or IT professional curious about outdated computer network protocols. Developed between 2000 and 2003, HyperSCSI is a protocol used for accessing storage by sending SCSI commands. While the technology may now be outdated, it can still offer insight into the evolution of computer networks. Unlike iSCSI, HyperSCSI operates directly over Ethernet and bypasses the Internet protocol suite, which can provide a performance advantage at the cost of flexibility.

How HyperSCSI Works

HyperSCSI is a unique protocol in that it operates directly over Ethernet, bypassing the TCP/IP protocol used by most modern networks. This direct approach allows for quick access to storage by cutting out retransmission, segmentation, and other common network issues. However, it does come at a price. The lack of flexibility inherent in this method can make it less adaptable to different network setups. Additionally, since it was developed over two decades ago, it is no longer supported by most modern computer systems.

FAQs About HyperSCSI

What is SCSI?

SCSI stands for Small Computer System Interface. It is a set of standards used for connecting and transferring data between various devices like hard drives, printers, and scanners.

What is the difference between iSCSI and HyperSCSI?

The main difference is that HyperSCSI bypasses the Internet protocol suite and operates directly over Ethernet, while iSCSI uses the TCP/IP protocol suite commonly used in modern networks. This gives HyperSCSI a potential performance advantage, but limits its flexibility.


While HyperSCSI may be obsolete, it can still offer insight into the evolution of computer network protocols. Its direct approach to Ethernet allows for quick access to storage, but the lack of flexibility means it is not commonly used in modern systems. Understanding outdated protocols like this one can help IT professionals and enthusiasts alike gain a deeper understanding of the technology they use today.

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