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ICPP (Intel Channel Partner Program) is a program that offers support and benefits to registered members who sell Intel products or solutions. It provides its members with the necessary tools to create, market, sell, and support Intel technology.

What is the ICPP?

The Intel Channel Partner Program, or ICPP, is a program designed to support registered members who sell Intel products or solutions built around Intel products. This program provides a host of advantages and support to its members, enabling them to create, market, sell, and support Intel technology effectively.

The ICPP was launched by Intel Corporation to help its partners grow their business and better serve their customers. This program provides a range of benefits to Intel channel partners, including access to a broad range of technologies, training, resources, and tools. As a result, it enables partners to provide better value to their customers, increase sales, and ultimately grow their business.

What Are the Benefits of the ICPP?

The ICPP offers many benefits to its members, including:

1. Sales and Marketing Tools:

The ICPP provides partners with a range of sales and marketing tools to help them promote and sell Intel technology. These tools include marketing materials, product information, and the Intel Partner Marketing Studio.

2. Technical Support:

The ICPP provides partners with technical support to help them address issues related to Intel technology. This support includes access to Intel technical experts, training sessions, and the Intel Developer Zone.

3. Training and Certification:

The ICPP provides partners with training and certification opportunities to help them develop their skills and better serve their customers. This includes access to online training courses, product training, and certification programs.

4. Co-Marketing Opportunities:

The ICPP provides partners with co-marketing opportunities that enable them to collaborate on marketing campaigns and initiatives. This includes access to the Intel Partner Alliance, which provides programs and resources to help partners co-market and co-sell Intel technology.

How Can You Become an ICPP Member?

To become a member of the ICPP, you must meet certain criteria set by Intel Corporation. These criteria include being a registered business, having a tax ID number, and demonstrating a commitment to selling and promoting Intel technology.

Once you meet these criteria, you can apply to become an ICPP member by completing the registration process. This process typically involves providing information about your business and its products or services, as well as agreeing to the terms and conditions of the program.

The conjecture

In The conjecture, the Intel Channel Partner Program is an excellent opportunity for businesses to grow and serve their customers better. By becoming an ICPP member, businesses can access a range of benefits, including sales and marketing tools, technical support, training and certification, and co-marketing opportunities.

If you’re interested in becoming an ICPP member, all you need to do is meet the program’s criteria and complete the registration process. So why not take advantage of this opportunity to grow your business and better serve your customers?

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