What isincremental search

Incremental search, also known as hot search or real-time suggestions, is a user interface interaction method that allows users to search and filter text incrementally. This means that as the user enters text, the system presents one or more possible matches immediately. This feedback allows the user to stop typing the entire word or phrase they are searching for, resulting in a faster and more efficient search process.

Incremental search algorithms use information from previous searches, which speeds up the current search and helps solve search problems much faster than searching repeatedly from scratch. These algorithms are useful in various robotic applications, including unmanned ground vehicle navigation and articulated robot motion planning. For example, D* and D* Lite are two existing incremental search algorithms that have been successfully adapted for use in Mars rovers and autonomous vehicles in the DARPA Urban Challenge.

What are the benefits of incremental search?

  • Immediate feedback and faster search results
  • Efficient use of system resources
  • Ability to solve search problems much faster than starting from scratch
  • Adaptability to robotic applications such as navigation and motion planning

Is incremental search widely used?

Yes, incremental search is widely used in computer science and various other fields. It is a highly efficient and effective way to speed up search processes and improve user experience.

What are some examples of incremental search?

Some examples of incremental search include predictive typing on mobile devices, real-time search suggestions on search engines, and autocomplete options on e-commerce websites.


Incremental search is a powerful tool that allows users to search and filter text incrementally, resulting in faster and more efficient searches. With the ability to use information from previous searches, incremental search algorithms can solve search problems much faster than starting from scratch, making them highly useful in various fields, including robotics and computer science.

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