What isInterplanetary File System

IPFS, introduced in 2015, is a decentralized storage network that operates on the internet with a blockchain-type architecture. It enables the storage of any type of data, including non-fungible tokens, making it the preferred choice for NFT certification.

Key features of IPFS:

  • Content-based addressing: IPFS uses Content Identifiers (CIDs) instead of physical addresses to locate stored data. The file’s hash is contained in the CID, allowing files with the same content but different names to exist.
  • Decentralized: The IPFS network is distributed across multiple nodes, making it impossible for a single entity to control the network, leading to improved security and accessibility.
  • Volunteer-driven: Similar to Bitcoin, the network depends on volunteers to operate and maintain it. IPFS has gained popularity because of its community-driven network and the open-source nature of the project.

Advantages of IPFS:

  • Faster downloads: IPFS loads files faster than traditional HTTP, as it allows users to access the nearest node that stores data, reducing latency and improving download speeds.
  • Improved reliability: Because IPFS stores files on multiple nodes, users can access the data even if some nodes are unavailable due to outages or other reasons.
  • Greater security: Because of its decentralized nature, IPFS is more secure than traditional storage systems, such as centralized cloud storage services, which are vulnerable to cyber-attacks.


What is an IPFS file?

It is a file stored on the IPFS network, which is a decentralized storage system that uses Content Identifiers (CIDs) instead of physical addresses to locate data, making it more secure and accessible than centralized storage systems.

What is a Content Identifier (CID)?

A Content Identifier (CID) is a unique hash that identifies a file stored on the IPFS network. It is used instead of a physical location address to access the file, making it more efficient and accessible.

Why is IPFS becoming popular?

IPFS is becoming popular due to its decentralized and community-driven nature as it allows users to store, share, and access data efficiently and securely. It provides faster load times, greater reliability, and improved security than traditional storage systems.

Final thoughts

As the world becomes more decentralized, IPFS has emerged as a viable alternative to traditional storage systems, offering greater accessibility, security, and reliability. IPFS has gained widespread adoption for NFT certification, and its popularity is expected to grow in the future.

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