What isiTouch

Logitech has a patented technology that uses software and the iTouch website to give their mice and keyboards Internet capabilities. With a simple button press, users with an existing internet connection can browse the web, open email, shop, and access other features. The iTouch software can also start applications directly.

What is iTouch technology?

iTouch technology is a patented technology developed by Logitech that adds internet capabilities to various brands of their mouse and keyboards through specialized software and the iTouch website. With iTouch, users can access and browse the internet using the touch of a button.

How does iTouch work?

iTouch works by integrating special software into Logitech mouse and keyboard designs that allow them to connect to the internet through an established internet service provider. Once connected, users can use iTouch to access email, surf the web, manage personal information sources, and shop online.

What are the benefits of using iTouch technology?

One of the main benefits of using iTouch technology is the convenience it provides for navigating and accessing the internet. With the touch of a button, users can easily browse the web, manage their email, and shop online. Additionally, the iTouch website offers a range of applications that can be directly accessed through the iTouch software, making it even easier for users to customize their internet experience.

What brands of mouse and keyboards are compatible with iTouch technology?

Various Logitech brands of mouse and keyboards are compatible with iTouch technology, including the Logitech MX900 Performance Combo, the Logitech Wave Combo MK550, and the Logitech K780 Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard. To confirm if your Logitech keyboard or mouse is compatible with iTouch, visit the Logitech website or consult your product’s user manual.

How do I set up iTouch on my Logitech mouse or keyboard?

Setting up iTouch on your Logitech mouse or keyboard is easy. Simply install the iTouch software and follow the instructions provided. Once the software is installed, connect your mouse or keyboard to your computer and open the iTouch application. From there, you can configure your settings, access the iTouch website, and start browsing the web, managing your email, and shopping online with ease.

In As a result, iTouch technology is a convenient and innovative way to add internet capabilities to your Logitech mouse or keyboard. With the touch of a button, you can access the web, manage your email, and shop online, making it an essential tool for anyone looking for an easier way to navigate the internet.

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