What islanding zone

A landing zone in AWS is a secure, scalable, and well-structured environment designed to launch and manage workloads and applications with confidence. It helps organizations to build a strong foundation for their AWS infrastructure that aligns with their business goals and growth plans. By creating a landing zone, an organization can easily manage and deploy their AWS environment with greater efficiency and higher security. AWS provides guidance on how to build and structure your landing zone that includes decisions about account structure, networking, security, and access management. Additionally, AWS suggests isolating workloads and resources into multiple AWS accounts to reduce the scope of impact.

Why is Landing Zone important?

Landing zones offer a range of benefits to organizations like:

  • Higher Security: A secure landing zone provides a configuration baseline for security and governance controls to ensure that workloads are deployed consistently across your organization.
  • Improved Scalability: Landing zones enable organizations to deploy and manage workloads efficiently, rapidly, and with the needed agility in a streamlined manner.
  • Simplified Compliance: AWS Landing zones accelerate compliance by providing audit-ready access to your security controls, risk management processes, and policies. This saved you time and money in preparing for important audits.

How to Build a Landing Zone?

If you are starting on a large-scale AWS implementation, it is best to contact AWS guidance for an approach in creating Landing Zone. The process involves technical and business decisions that include but not limited to:

  • Account Structure: Formalize the method for creating and managing AWS accounts to fit your organizational structure and growth plans.
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM): Organize and manage your user permissions for accessing AWS resources.
  • Networking: Define your network configuration and architecture to ensure that resources are accessed securely.
  • Security: Implementation of security controls, policies, and compliance alignment that meets your organization’s security objectives.


What is the AWS Landing Zone?

It refers to a secure, scalable, and well-structured AWS environment designed to deploy and manage confidence-boosting workloads and applications.

Why is a landing zone essential for organizations?

A Landing zone offers multiple benefits such as higher security, improved scalability, simplified compliance, and stronger governance to manage the AWS environment more effectively.

How can AWS help in building a landing zone?

AWS offers practical guidance in making technical and business decisions about account structuring, IAM, networking, security, and access management for creating a landing zone.


A Landing zone is essential for organizations wanting to use AWS resources effectively. It provides a robust foundation for security, scalability, and compliance, allowing organizations to manage workloads with greater efficiency. If you are planning a large-scale AWS implementation, consult AWS guidance for best practices in building, managing and deploying workloads.

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