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Mailing lists are subject-matter-maintained automatic email systems on the internet, with thousands of lists reaching millions of people and companies. New users can join a list by sending an email with the word “subscribe,” and they will receive all new posts made to the list. A set of Perl scripts and C source code make up the software for most mailing lists, and popular public domain mailing list software is called Majordomo. Unix environments support the use of mailing lists, and other names for them include “listprocs” and “listservs.”

FAQ: Understanding Online Mailing List Software and How It Works

What is an Online Mailing List?

An online mailing list is a way to exchange emails within a specific group of people with a shared interest. It can be used for various purposes, including discussion forums, announcements, and newsletters.

What Makes Up Online Mailing List Software?

Online mailing list software typically consists of Perl scripts and C source code. These scripts and code are used to manage the list and automate its functions. Unix environments are most commonly used to support online mailing list software.

How Does an Online Mailing List Work?

Anyone can join an online mailing list by sending an email with the word “subscribe” in it to the list’s email address. Once subscribed, the user will automatically receive any new posts made to the list. Users can also send posts to the list, which will be delivered to all other subscribers.

Understanding Popular Mailing List Software


LISTSERV is a popular package used for mailing lists. It is a comprehensive and efficient software that supports a range of functions, including archiving, digesting, and file sharing. LISTSERV is widely used in academic and research fields.

What is Majordomo?

Majordomo is another popular public domain mailing list software. It is a free, open-source package that provides powerful features such as automatic bounce handling and flexible moderation settings. Majordomo is easily customizable and compatible with various Unix-based operating systems.


Online mailing list software is a simple yet effective tool for exchanging information and ideas within a specific group of people. With its automated functions and efficient management features, mailing lists have become a popular means of communication in various fields. Understanding the software that powers these lists can help users make the most out of their mailing list experience.

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