What isman page

A man page, short for “manual page”, is a page in a Unix system’s online manual. It is used to provide detailed information about specific commands, utilities, and functions available on the system. Man pages set out formal standards and conventions, and contains information about abstract notions such as algorithms, protocols, and file formats. They also provide information on computer programs, including library and system calls.

To access a man page, a user needs to use the “man” command followed by the command name. This will return the required information from the online manual for that specific command.

Why are Man Pages Important?

Man pages are an essential resource for Unix system users and developers, as they provide detailed and accurate information about the various functions and commands available on a system. They help users to understand how to use different commands and how to solve problems using the Unix system.


How do I search for a specific keyword in a man page?

You can search for a specific keyword within a man page using the “/” command followed by the keyword. This will search the page for the keyword and highlight all occurrences.

How do I exit a man page?

To exit a man page, simply press the “q” key.


Man pages are an indispensable tool for anyone using or developing on Unix systems. They provide comprehensive information about various commands and utilities, making it easier for users to navigate through the system. By mastering the use of man pages, users can take their Unix skills to the next level.

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