What isMicrosoft Tag

Microsoft Tag is a type of mobile tagging system that uses a two-dimensional barcode to store information. It uses a technology called “High-Capacity Color Barcode” (HCCB) that includes eight colored triangles allowing it to store up to 3,500 alphabetic characters per square inch. It is a more advanced and four-color variant of the traditional barcode.

The Microsoft Tag is easy to use, and it can be read in poor lighting conditions or with blurry images. There are also various mobile apps available for smartphones that use this type of tagging system. The apps will scan the barcode and lead the user to the relevant information.

The standard tag is composed of colored triangles, but it is also possible to create a personalized tag using colored dots, which allows brands to take up the full background.

Why Should I Use Microsoft Tag?

Microsoft Tag makes it easy for users to access information about a product or service by scanning the barcode with their smartphone. This can be a great tool for businesses to provide more information about their products and services while increasing their brand exposure. It is a fast and efficient way of sharing data, especially in today’s digital age where people are always on their phones.

How Do I Get Started With Microsoft Tag?

To get started with Microsoft Tag, you need to create an account on the Microsoft Tag website and generate a tag. You can then use the code in your marketing materials, such as on product packaging, billboards, posters, or websites. When users scan the tag with their smartphone, they will be directed to the relevant information that you have provided.


Is Microsoft Tag Free?

Yes, it is free to create and use Microsoft Tag.

Do I Need Any Special Equipment to Use Microsoft Tag?

No, you do not need any special equipment. All you need is a smartphone that has a camera and can download a Microsoft Tag app.

What Information Can I Store in the Tag?

You can store various types of information, including text, links, images, and even vCards. It provides you with the flexibility to decide on what information you want to provide to the users.

The Bottom Line

Microsoft Tag is an efficient and convenient way of sharing information in today’s digital age. It is easy to use, and it can be read in less than ideal conditions. Moreover, it is free to use and does not require any special equipment. By utilizing Microsoft Tag, businesses and individuals can provide more information to their customers and increase their brand exposure.

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