What isMMI code

MMI codes are prefixed with “*#” and enable users to access a variety of data and operations on their mobile phones. A GSM phone can reveal model and serial numbers by dialing “*#06#”.

FAW: Understanding MMI Codes

Have you ever encountered a series of numbers preceded by a star or a hash on your mobile phone? These are known as MMI codes. MMI stands for Machine-to-Man interface, a mobile phone code that enables users to access a range of data and operations.

WHAT are MMI Codes?

MMI codes are a series of digits that start with the prefix “*#”. They are similar to phone numbers in that they are entered on your phone’s keypad. These codes are used to facilitate communication between your device and your network provider. They can be used for a variety of functions, such as accessing information and enabling or disabling certain features on your phone.

Uses of MMI Codes

MMI codes are used for a wide range of functions, from accessing basic information about your phone to performing complex operations. Here are some common uses of MMI codes:

  • Checking your phone’s model and serial number: Dialling *#06# on a GSM phone reveals the device’s model and serial number.
  • Enabling and disabling features: MMI codes can be used to activate and deactivate certain features on your phone. For example, dialling *#21# on a GSM phone lets you activate call forwarding.
  • Checking your account balance: Some network providers allow you to check your balance by dialling a specific MMI code.
  • Accessing voicemail: MMI codes are often used to access your voicemail. For example, dialling *86 on a GSM phone will take you to your voicemail box.

Using MMI Codes Safely

While MMI codes are useful, they should be used with caution. Entering the wrong code can have unintended consequences, such as disabling important features on your phone. To avoid issues, always double-check the code before entering it. Additionally, be wary of unsolicited MMI codes that you receive in messages, as these could be potential scams.


MMI codes are an essential tool for mobile phone users. They provide access to a range of functions and can help you perform tasks quickly and efficiently. However, it’s important to use MMI codes safely and ensure that you’re entering the correct code. By keeping these tips in mind, you can use MMI codes to enhance your mobile phone experience safely and effectively.

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