What ismMode

mMode is a wireless web service introduced by AT&T Wireless in 2002. This service offers a wide range of features such as news, weather, traffic updates, games, reference materials, and yellow/white page directories. Inspired by Japan’s i-mode service, mMode was designed using WAP/WML protocols to deliver concise web pages to color displays of mMode enabled phones.

FAQs about mMode

What is mMode used for?

mMode can be used to access various services like news updates, weather forecasts, traffic updates, games, reference materials and directories.

How does mMode work?

mMode uses wireless protocols like WAP/WML to deliver condensed web pages to mMode enabled phone’s color display.

Is mMode still available?

No, mMode service was discontinued by AT&T Wireless in 2010.

Although mMode service is no longer available, it was an innovative approach towards wireless web technology in its time. It offered a variety of features to make the mobile user experience better and more convenient.

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