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This article explains that mobile app developers focus on creating software for tablets and smartphones, rather than laptops, due to the fact that laptops run the same apps as their desktop counterparts. Mobile app developers work on iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and various tablet platforms.

FAQs About Mobile App Developers

If you’re interested in becoming a mobile app developer or hiring one for your project, it’s important to know some basics. Here are some frequently asked questions about mobile app developers:

What is a mobile app developer?

A mobile app developer is a programmer who creates software for tablets and smartphones. They are responsible for designing, coding, testing, and releasing mobile apps. They may work independently or as part of a development team.

What platforms do mobile app developers work with?

Mobile app developers generally create software for iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, and Windows 8/RT tablets. Each platform requires a different set of tools, programming languages, and development environments.

Do mobile app developers need to know different programming languages?

Yes. Depending on the platform they’re working with, mobile app developers need to know different programming languages. For example, iOS apps are written in Objective-C or Swift, while Android apps are written in Java. Some platforms also support HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which allows developers to create cross-platform apps.

What is the difference between mobile and desktop programming?

The main difference between mobile and desktop programming is the type of devices they run on. Mobile programming is specifically designed for tablets and smartphones, while desktop programming is designed for laptops and desktop computers. However, due to the fact that Windows and Mac laptops run the identical apps as their corresponding desktop machines, laptops are not included in the mobile programming disciplines.

What skills do mobile app developers need?

Mobile app developers need to have strong programming skills in languages such as Java, Objective-C, Swift, or HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. They also need to be familiar with development tools such as Eclipse, Xcode, or Android Studio. Additionally, they should have experience in testing and debugging their code, as well as keeping up to date with the latest trends and best practices in mobile app development.

What to Look for in a Mobile App Developer

If you’re looking to hire a mobile app developer for your project, here are some things to consider:


Make sure the developer has experience in creating apps for the platform you’re targeting. Ask to see examples of their previous work and read reviews from other clients.


Check that the developer has the necessary programming skills and knowledge of development tools. They should also be able to communicate clearly with you and understand your project requirements.


Make sure the developer has the availability to work on your project within your desired timeframe. Discuss deadlines and milestones upfront to ensure everyone is on the same page.


Get a clear understanding of the developer’s pricing structure and what is included in their services. Don’t be afraid to negotiate or shop around to find a developer who fits your budget.


Mobile app developers are essential for bringing your app ideas to life. They have the technical skills and expertise in programming, testing, and releasing mobile apps. When looking for a developer, consider their experience, skills, availability, and cost to find the best fit for your project.

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