What ismodular datacenter

A modular datacenter is a self-contained unit that can be quickly and easily deployed to provide your business with an efficient and reliable data storage solution. Unlike traditional datacenters, modular datacenters are built to be moved and can be installed in a fraction of the usual time.

These self-contained units are equipped with their own lighting, cooling, humidification, and UPS system, as well as a number of rack-mounted servers. This means that they can be fully operational in a matter of hours, and with only network and electrical hookup required, they are easy to integrate into your existing IT infrastructure.

The benefits of a modular datacenter are numerous. They are highly flexible, allowing you to easily add capacity as your business needs grow. They are also energy efficient, thanks to their advanced cooling systems, which can reduce energy costs by up to 30%. Plus, they offer improved security and disaster recovery capabilities, protecting your data from loss or downtime.

Overall, a modular datacenter offers a cost-effective, scalable, and reliable solution for businesses of all sizes. Whether you need to store large amounts of data, host applications, or support a growing workforce, a modular datacenter can provide the capacity and capabilities that your business requires.


What is a modular datacenter?

A modular datacenter is a self-contained unit that has its own lighting, cooling, humidification, UPS system, and a number of rack-mounted servers. It allows for a complete datacenter to be installed in a fraction of the usual time and can be redeployed just as easily because it is built to be moved in a shipping container and deployed intact.

What are the benefits of a modular datacenter?

Modular datacenters are highly flexible, energy efficient, secure, and offer improved disaster recovery capabilities.

Can a modular datacenter be integrated into my existing IT infrastructure?

Yes, a modular datacenter is designed to be easily integrated into existing IT infrastructure with just network and electrical hookup required.

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